OCX working on classic and crashes on RTC

PomaroliPomaroli Member Posts: 37
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we are migrating from 3.7 to nav 2009 and we have an OCX which isn't working on RTC but on classic all workine fine.
the failure which is shown when calling the ocx the first time in RTC is "this process is not supported".
can we debug the call to see which process isnt supported or should we consider a redesign of the ocx ?

the ocx is an wrapper of some dynmic libraries.



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    AdrianAkersAdrianAkers Member Posts: 137
    Surely the creation of an OCX work's differently on the RTC...

    Have you read this excellent article?

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    PomaroliPomaroli Member Posts: 37
    thanks yes i've already read this article which helped understand that the ocx runing only on the RTC Client, the ocx is of type :

    "Automation objects with a user interface, such as OCX types"

    it seems to me that we not come out of NAV with the call, the ocx test functions are not arrived before error message.
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