Possible to add new features in base navision forms

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I'm new to navision. Having doubts in adding the new features in the base functionality of the fixed assets.
we are having a vertical module which gets integrated with fixed assets.
Presently we are adding new fields and buttons for the existing fixed asset card (5600). Is it right way of modifying are adding details in the base form or is there any alternative solutions. Plz suggest.
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    einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET Member Posts: 1,050
    I would say it depends on how much you want to change. But the decision is up to you.
    If you change something in standard you'll have to consider it again when you upgrade next time. If you create a solution within your own object number it might not work after an upgrade as well.
    I would guess to contact your vertical solution provider and discuss your wishes with him first.
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    kitikkitik Member Posts: 230
    If possible, I prefer to use standard objects.
    If you create new objects based on standard ones... when upgrading to a new version, if the standard objects gets modified, the customized object will probarly not be updated. Unless you have everything really documented and whoever does the upgrading reviews the documents...

    Of course it depends on what you are trying to do.

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