Delegating Document Approval For Vacation

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Is there a way for an approving manager to automatically delegate his approval rights to another manager if the person is going on vacation, without having the "Documents Approval Administrator" reconfigure the Doc Approval User Setup table?

If not, has anyone done a customization to tackle this? I'd like to know what your solution was.


  • Kc_NirvanaKc_Nirvana Member Posts: 146
    I am very noob in Dynamics but you can create new fields like On Vacation (boolean) and Vacation Substitute on User Setup and on code unit Approvals Management on the function DelegateApprovalRequest(ApprovalEntry : Record "Approval Entry") you can change the function to verify if the substitute is on vacation then send the approval to the user which is on the vacation substitute.
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    I guess there are a few waya of handling it. How about he changed his password to the same as the guy who is covering for him. That way the covering guy can logon as the vacation guy & not have to remember a new password. When the vacationer returns, he resets his password back.

    or if the cover guy is allowed to doc approve why not just have both logins able to do it?
    Then it's one guys job and vice versa if someone is out, sick, vacation, etc. they both can access the necessary forms.
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