VAT posting for a Vendor from General Journals

dilladilla Member Posts: 31
Hi People,

Am raising an Invoice to a - Account type: Vendor (Having VAT Setup) from the General Journal. Now when i do the posting, there is NO VAT entry that gets created. When I looked into the coding aspect, the system is NOT allowing any of the VAT related fields like (General Posting type, Vat Bus. Posting type, etc.) to be validated from the Vendor card.

If i forcefully insert these values via, coding, The VAT entry is not created after posting of this journal. May be am totally wrong in my understanding of the functionality, can somebody help me understand what is happening here?

Details of the System:
NAV: 3.7B
SQL: 2000

If you need any more details for understanding the issue please let me know.

Hope to get a reply ASAP.



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    BenSydneyBenSydney Member Posts: 56
    I don't think you need to modify the code to get the VAT to be calculated and posted for journal transactions.

    The VAT entries will be created based on the fields on the balancing side of the transaction (the side where you enter the G/L Account). So you should complete (1) Bal. Gen. Posting Type, (2) Bal. VAT Bus. Posting Group and (3) Bal. VAT Prod. Posting Group fields if your G/L Acount is on the balancing side of the transaction.

    If you have entered the fields on the applicable G/L Account and you have ticked the Copy VAT Setup to Jnl Lines on the General Journal Batches lookup list, the defualt valued will automatically copied from the account to the journal lines.
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    dilladilla Member Posts: 31
    Hi Ben,

    Thats correct..!!! On populating these fields, the VAT entry is getting created. It failed to cross my mind that the VAT entry will be created for the "G\L Account" VAT setup rather than the Vendor VAT setup. Am i correct in my understanding or am i understanding the wrong way here ??

    I between,I really appreciate you help =D>

    Kind regards
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