Is Production Scrap Quantity effective anywhere?

jasbirjasbir Member Posts: 55

When I am posting Output Journal in Manufacturing ,i put Output Qty and Scrap Qty , Is Scrap Qty is effective any where , or it is only for documentation.

A Prod. Order For "A" Item is of 100 Qty.

I Booking Output Qty=80
And Scrap Qty is =20

is there any effect of this 20 Qty.




  • ufukufuk Member Posts: 514
    Scrap affects the cost and required quantity of the output item. In your case, the cost and the consumed quantity will be the total of 100 items.
    Ufuk Asci
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    It is posted into capacity ledger entries, which have effect for costing... as ufuk described...
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