Invalid Language ID Supplied: 0

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I just upgraded someone from NAV 60 to NAV 2009 SP1 and installed RTC

When they tried to Post and Print an order (Page 43 Sales Invoice) they got the following error message:

Invalid Language ID Supplied: 0

We then opened up NAV Classic and saw that the order did POST but did not PRINT on the printer.

What would cause this? I cannot find any info searching the forum.


  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    activate the debugger and see where it does stop...
    it's ok that the invoice have been posted, because the posting is committed to the db before printing the report
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  • Ravi_ThakkarRavi_Thakkar Member Posts: 392
    I am also getting the same error on printing Posted Sales Invoice RTC Report.

    Is there any solution to this error?
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  • wp12wp12 Member Posts: 1
    anyone has a solution?
  • absolutelyfreewebabsolutelyfreeweb Member Posts: 104
    Hi guys, Just ran upon this problem.

    For us it helps if not printing all reports, just choosing one at a time. It's probably not the report generation itself, but the data in one that causes it. Hope this helps you.
  • absolutelyfreewebabsolutelyfreeweb Member Posts: 104
    ok, so here is the solution, chech the languages, they may not have codes associated with them, like if you have a langauge EN defined instead of ENU and it's not connected with code 1033, you get this..
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