Item Ledger Entry table

laudakwahlaudakwah Member Posts: 19
Dear all,

I have problem on the ILE table. An ILE has remaining quantity but the Open field is unchecked (= No). I have found that this ILE is not applied with any entry currently (Application --> Applied Entry). Also, in the Item Application Entry table, this ILE just shows in one inbound entry without any outbound entry which I assume this also tells me that this ILE is not applied with any entry.

Now I try to post transfer order for this item but system does not allow me to do so as it has checking on ILE.Open field which must be equal to "Yes", although the remaining quantity has enough quantity for me to do the transfer order. ](*,)

Is there any area that I have missed out on checking? Or are there any other reasons will cause the ILE with remaining quantity but with Open = "No"? [-o<


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    laudakwahlaudakwah Member Posts: 19
    btw, the version is 4.02 sql and costing method is Standard.
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