Problem with Date and time?????

southindiansouthindian Member Posts: 247
Dear all,
Am facing a Problem in Output Journal form. The senario is, the user will select the Batch Name,Item No., and will click Exlopde Routing , so that the wastage that is attached with that item will come.

Now Here is the problem after explode routing step , user will enter the Starting Time and Ending Time say 11pm (02-06-10) and 4Am(03-06-10). How to indentify that the end time is on next day.. as we dont have Date time feild in that Item Journal Line table. Secondary
We will be posting the line details on (02-06-10). But the end time is on Next day(03-06-10). How to say system that the specific time is next day. One more thing for information ... when we are posting the line details, it reflects in Value entries , Capacity Ledger Entry, Item Ledger entry. where there is no feild with Datetime whihc will unique the time variation..... Expecting Advice
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