NAS not running - Error: Company Name 'XY' does not exist.

The_GeepzThe_Geepz Member Posts: 17
I'm wundering why I cannot start NAS correctly, NAS is installed correctly and the service starts... unfortunately there is some message inside the Event Log telling, thoe company name doesn't exist... NETWORT Authority is SuperUser...

Install syntax:
"D:\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Application Server\nas.exe" appservername=NAS_XY_New, servername=XXX002, NETTYPE=TCP, database=XXX-XY-TEST, company="This is my Company", nettype=tcp, startupparameter=”TOKEN”, objectcache=40000, installasservice

net start NAS_XY_New

Error Message:
Company Name 'This is my Company' does not exist.

Any Ideas?


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    crisnicolascrisnicolas Member Posts: 177
    Do you have a company named "This is my Company" in NAV?
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    The_GeepzThe_Geepz Member Posts: 17
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    ta5ta5 Member Posts: 1,164
    Do you use " before and after the company name if the company name has spaces? Upper case/lower case?
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    The_GeepzThe_Geepz Member Posts: 17
    Hi, yes, in deed:

    Company Name in NAV: Aaa Baa AG
    Syntax for NAS: "Aaa Baa AG"

    have no idea what's wrong...
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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,130
    Does your real company name have any non-ASCII character in it (Byte value > 128)?

    I don't know how NAS behaves in this case. With Hotcopy it is not possible to run a backup from command line without creating a configuration file first.
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    The_GeepzThe_Geepz Member Posts: 17
    thanx a lot for your posts. Config has helped in deed. It's running properly. :)
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