How can i read FlowField values from SQL Database.

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Hi everyone,
Could anyone tell me
How can i read FlowField values from SQL Database ?
Ex: We are working on Reporting services, for that we need to retrive data for XXX table which has some flowFields.
normal fields i can able to retrive but FlowFields not able to retrive.
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    If you're on 5sp1 or later the flowfields are stored in indexed views, pretty easy to read. If you're using standard version SQL you have to add the NOEXPAND hint, if you're using Enterprise version SQL it will use the indexed views automatically if they look like a good idea.

    For earlier versions you can look at the tables in the database with $12345$5 like names. But that's usually far too much of a hassle to be worthwhile. They're kept up to date by a trigger on the table.
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    For versions before 5sp1, the easiest way for me is to use a subquery for each flowfield you need. It's very easy if you know T-SQL and look the definition of the flowfield.
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    maybe this could help you to generate the FlowField-"SubQueries":
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