Why does the License Use Warning window appears?

Maria-SMaria-S Member Posts: 90
Hi there, NAV gurus!

Can I ask you, just for fun, in what cases the license agreement window is appearing, and in what cases it is not?

I opened my NAV 4.04 and expected that the License Use Warning window appear (developer's license), but it is not :roll:. I thought that maybe it appears once in several times you open NAV, but I reopened it 20 times, but still no License Use Warning window.


  • rdebathrdebath Member Posts: 383
    It appears once per day per license per zup file.

    The time of a query is after 24 hours from the last query.
    If you delete the zup files it starts again.
  • Maria-SMaria-S Member Posts: 90
    Thank you, rdebath :)
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