RTC filtered page with no records crashes client

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Hi all,

Not sure what's happening, but:

I've a custom page that filters customer ledger entries for a custom field "payment requested" (boolean) for being TRUE.

Whilst there are entries in the table that fit that criteria, the Page opens without error. However, if there are no entries that fit that criteria (an empty dataset), it causes the whole client to crash, loose connection to the server and prompt the user if they wish to re-connect to the DB.

As soon as entries are amended (so that payment requested = TRUE - so that we get data that fits the filter criteria again), the page opens without error.

What on earth's going on?

I tried repeating the problem in Cronus using the Sales List, having set the filter crtieria to be "Status = Open" and added the standard document release function to the same page. At which point I released all of the documents one by one until there were none left. The result was no error happened.

Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Thanks in advance!


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    any error message? is there code you added? are you trying to calc a total of somekind at the bottom?
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    r44712r44712 Member Posts: 40

    There is some custom code, but this is added to an "Action". I can't even open the page at present. There's no totalling at the bottom of the Page. In essence, its no different to the standard Customer Ledger Entries Page, it just has a specific filter for "payment requested" added.

    The specific message that comes up is (incidentally, its not called 'XXXXX', I've deliberately "blanked-out" parts for security purposes):

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    The server "net.[url=tcp://XXXX:7046/DynamicsXXXXXX/Service]tcp://XXXX:7046/DynamicsXXXXXX/Service[/url]" is either unavailable or your connection has been lost. Do you want to attempt to reconnect?
    Yes No

    Followed by:

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    The connection to the server has been lost. The application will close.

    Throughly confusing as to why it should be doing this!!!
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    mihail_kolevmihail_kolev Member Posts: 379
    In this topic I had problem with filtering boolean field viewtopic.php?f=32&t=39640 , but I had no crashes.
    -Mihail- [MCTS]
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