Including Iventory into Planning

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I am having a problem with Including Inventory into Planning.

I have items ITM1 & ITM2, both having about 10 times my monthly demand available at LOC1 location.
Both of them are also entered into Production Forecast at LOC1 with about 900 to 1000 nos every month.

I am running MPS for these items, but MPS suggests to create production orders as if there is no inventory.
Although I have inventory to cover well upto few months, planning suggests to run a production right from first month, whereas it should suggest only from somewhere in November.

Settings on Items:
Replineshment System: Production Order
Manufacturing Policy: Make to Stock
Flushing Method: Forward

Reordering Policy: Fixed reorder qty; Include Inventory: Yes
Reserve: Optional
Order Tracking Policy: Tracking & Action Msg
Reorder Cycle: 3M
Safety Lead time: 1W
Reorder Qty: 10000




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    AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    Not using SKU's?

    Components at location set to?
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