Multiple Database Delegation.

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One of our client has 2 databases for 2 different operating companies.
Here we have the architecture of 3 tiers on 3 machines.

setup scenario is:
clustered SQL Db : Both databases will be on the same clustered enivironment.
NAV server machine 1: NAV server for 1st DB
NAV server machine 2: NAV server for 2nd DB

here all of these services will be running with same domain USER ID.

The thing is, when we did installation of first, there were no issues in setting up the delegations to user running the services.
now for installing another database, we have a issue in setting up the delegation.

for clustered environment, there will be 4SPNs required.
DynamicsNAV/<Fully Qualified Domain Name machine-name>:7046
MSSQLSvc/< Fully Qualified Domain Name machine-name>:1433

not in out case,
there should be total 8 SPNs
but as SQL system is same
there will be total 6 SPNs.

1.Will this work?
2.Same user running all services, so setting up these SPNs for user delegation.
this is not working.
3.can i have the same Service name as Dynamics NAV and same port noumber 7046 for both the NAV servers?

if anybody has done something like this,
please suggest a proper way to do it... #-o

Ganesh Jagtap | Senior Technical Consultant
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    rdebathrdebath Member Posts: 383
    "a proper way to do it" hmmm

    F*** knows.

    The security setup for the RTC is far too complex for normal people, I think the kerberos delegation concept was included for organisations that include a salaried "security control officer" who isn't aka "night watchman".

    So in this case I would suggest you pay for a Microsoft support call and get them to fix the mess.

    Maybe next release they'll dump it ... I can live in hope. :)
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    jagtap.ganeshjagtap.ganesh Member Posts: 11
    Its Done! :thumbsup:

    No need for MS support :)

    Ganesh Jagtap | Senior Technical Consultant
    PO Box 36500 | Dubai | UAE
    Mobile:+97150 150 5389
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