Tracking Specification Lines left after invoicing - Problem?

rsfairbanksrsfairbanks Member Posts: 107
Hello, whilst looking at the Tracking Specification table 336, I noticed some old entries. These entries relate to sales orders which have been partly invoiced and then deleted as the balance is not being shipped.
For example if a customer ordered quantities of 30 different products but we did not ship 1 product then there would be 29 lines on Tracking Specification after invoicing and deleting the order (none in Reservation Entry)

2 questions:
Is this supposed to happen?
Is there a problem leaving the entries? Currently there are not a great deal of them, but we would like it cleaned if possible

We cannot delete them manually as Quantity Handled (base) <>0 but Quanity Qandled (Base) = Quantity Invoiced (Base)

Nav5 build 24199

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