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probinsoprobinso Member Posts: 3
This is very much a newbie question: How do you go about obtaining a developer license from Microsoft for Navision 4.0? And which one will contain the granule for C/FRONT?

I've been in communication with someone at PartnerSource (Microsoft Business Solutions), and they thought I needed the ISV/Add-On license. But after explaining that we don't want to develop an add-on, she directed me to MBS University. Does anyone know if this is the correct team?



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    g_dreyerg_dreyer Member Posts: 123
    Hi Pete,

    I think the reason why they directed you to MBS Unirversity is because you need to be qualified (write some exams) before they issue you a license. Depending on what exams you write, they give you granules (i.e. if you have written Manufacturing exams, then you won't get the Manufacturing granules in you license).

    I guess that you probably don't want to do development in Navision, but you are probably writing software on a different programming platform, therefore require C/Front to talk to the database (or depending on what you want to do N/ODBC might be a granule that you want as well).

    You need to speak to your NTR (Navision Territorial Representative).
    Unless it works differently in Canada.

    ISV/Add-On license: I think that you are probably not a NSC (Navision Solution Centre)? Therefore they refer you to that license.

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    probinsoprobinso Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Gustav, you're right, we're developing a .NET app to access the Navision database via C/FRONT. I'll try to dig up the info on our regional rep here and give them a shout.

    I was confused by the ISV/Add-On license and didn't think it was appropriate for us, but perhaps it is(?). Does it contain the C/FRONT granule do you know?

    Thanks again,
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