Error 47-1

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Hi there,

I have a technical issue for which I have found no help in the internet after a quick googleing :shock:
The string is the following:"Interne Fout: 47-1" (fouten in de tekstcom versie)

The user has been fiddling with the language and when opens Navison (the financials, the language and just opening) he gets an error regarding the stx file. :x

the user uses Dutch everywhere but wants to use English in Navision. When I re-create the stx file by eliminating it and running finsql.exe again the same error appears. Plus everyone else is running this installation without any issue :roll:

I've seen in the forums that this could have to do with several installations of Navision in the PC. He indeed has the legacy Navision installed.

What is the solution? Only re-install Navision? :?

Any ideas/experiences to share? Thanks :P
Navision Developer


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