Is there a way to recover the RTC layout after been deleted?

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A colleague of mine press "Tools" > "Delete Layout" button from NAV Classic because he never thought of running
the report in RTC. It's a customized "Purchase Credit Memo" report.

Is there any way to recover the deleted rdlc layout? I've tried the "Tools" > "Create Layout Suggestion" but after I view the layout in visual studio, it's is totally difference then what it suppose to look like.


  • robinho81robinho81 Member Posts: 48
    restore it from a backup fob? or TEST database?
  • khigothkhigoth Member Posts: 4
    robinho81 wrote:
    restore it from a backup fob? or TEST database?
    what if there isn't any... it was deleted when it 1st goes into production ](*,)
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    Sorry to say, but bad luck :oops:

    Didn't you make a copy off all application objects before you went live?
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  • rdebathrdebath Member Posts: 383
    You should be able to copy the layout from a Cronus purchase credit memo, at least it'll look better than that so-called suggestion.

    This can only work if your report was originally based on the V6 Cronus report though. If you imported a previous version it won't work as the XML element names won't be there.
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