To-do's not functioning correctly

emkproemkpro Member Posts: 47
Hi everbody,

I have a problem with our loaclisation of Nav 3.7a.
Problem is on create to-do form, tp-do card and to-do table. When I run the to-do table in obj. des. If i am using Eng. it is fine but when swich to Trk. it gives me an error like
" 'STRSET' cannot contain more than one 'day'.

All of them gives the same message when I swich to Turkish,
(Might or not help but in Turkey we use a diferent date pattern first day then month like > DD,MM,YY and language setting swiches them too)
Any ideas ?
Anyone who knows where is that STRSET used in to-do table and forms?


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    emkproemkpro Member Posts: 47
    I found out that in other forms date format is DD,MM,YY whether I use TRK or ENG I think they forget to correct To-do table when localising but still I don't know if I can correct this myself, any leads?

    With the help of some quick ports i found the problem is in duration field of to-do table (I exported fields one by one and it gived the same eror on field "duration")
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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