Create new Project by ODBC (codeunit)/ simulate F3 (new)

TrushyTrushy Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone

We are searching for a solution to simulate user-request "F3" (new) by ODBC (in fact, it is JDBC-ODBC).

At the moment, we are able to read the data we need and to update an existing project by using ODBC, but we don't know how to create a new project.

Normally, NAV-client creates a new project by clicking on Button "new" in toolbar or pressing "f3"- both actions create a new Project, based by the last number of the existing projects.

Example: Last created Project-reference is "P14400" and a user is pressing F3. This will generates automatically a new Project with the reference "P14410" (automatically incremented by 10).
Based by this, next user will get "P14420" as new project+number.

Now: how can we execute this code by external application (like JAVA or PHP or....)? Is it even possible to use this Navision code by ODBC?

Thanks for strong support in advance and best regards

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