Performance Copmarison SQL-FDB databases

emkproemkpro Member Posts: 47
Hi, I was wondering which database is better for navision,
also, what if I am working with huge databses. about tera bytes in size
canb SQL server support those ?


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    MS SQL support this. On Navision Database server you are not able to use BIG databases (only one CPU is used, only max. 800MB cache etc.)

    Each server have pro and cons. I think, that there was some discussion about it. Try search.
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    jemmyjemmy Member Posts: 247
    Hi EMK,

    If you work with HUGE size of database, I suggest you to use MS.SQL 2000 Database. :wink:
    Its size limitation is your overall harddisk capacity. Using Filegroups in SQL Server you aslo can put your database in several HDDs...

    Hope this helps,

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    cdenniscdennis Member Posts: 6
    New to Navision but an experienced SQL DBA.

    Keep in mind the following when you investigate SQL Database and Navision option.

    1. SQL Server does very well with handling appropriately designed VLDBs.

    2. Terabyte sizes would place you in that range of VLDB

    3. As the size of the database grows, so will the probability that design limitation in the application or the application's database architecture will be encountered.

    4. Navision, as an application was originally designed to work with their own database, therefore the investiment in Load Testing, Performance Optimization and overall architecture most likely has been placed into the product running on the smaller Proprietory database.

    5. Navision is basicaly a Fat Client with the application logic, constraints and most validation rules in the application - so don't look to the database to allow you to adapt to growth in size or overhead to your processing.
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