Error when i open a report with RTC

FranklinFranklin Member Posts: 253
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Hi everybody,

NAV show my this error "The layout of this report has not been transformed to be viewed in the RTC client. You can run this report from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic client. Report ID: 50000"

It shows me when i try to send as pdf by email.

What can i do to solve this problem?


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    brijleobrijleo Member Posts: 70

    Whenever you create new report in NAV 2009, you have to create the layout for that report, then only you will able to run this report form RTC.
    First create you report in classic client, save the report. Re-open the report in design mode then go to menu tools-->create layout Suggestion it will create layout for you newly design report. Save the layout.
    After this whenever you run your report form RTC, you will not get the error mention in post.

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