Replacement of fields in NAV 2009

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Hi everybody,

I have to upgrade the navision database from 4.0 SP3 to NAV 2009.
(Nav 4.0 Sp3 + Indian Localization)

In the developers toolkit i found out certain fields are not present in NAV 2009 IN comparing to NAV 4.0 SP3


Table Name Fields

Sales Line | BED %
Sales Line | She Cess %
Sales Line | Service Tax %
Purchase Line | Claim Vat
Purchase Line | Service Tax %
Purchase Line | Service Tax eCess%
Purchase Line | Service Tax SheCess%
Purchase Line | BED %
Purchase Line | eCess%
Purchase Line | SHE cess %
Purchase Line |Total TDS incl.SHE Cess(LCY)
Purchase Line |TDS Amount LCY
Purchase Line |Surcharge Amount (LCY)
Purchase Line | TDS Including Surcharge (LCY)
Purchase Line |eCESS on TDS Amount (LCY)
Purchase Line | She cess on TDS Amount (LCY)

How do i need to replace this field ????? I don't know.....Could anyone help me out. Is it any documentation is available these are the filelds replaced by this field????

Waiting for ur valuable suggestions???


  • njaikunjaiku Member Posts: 116

    Can anyone please help me out to sort out this problem????
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