Calling Webservice from NAV

schoolkidschoolkid Member Posts: 103
Hi all,

i have a requirement which is whenever a record is modified on the customer table in NAV it should call a webservice and pass some parameters which will run the webservice and update the record.

can any one help pls



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    MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    You gave very few information what you want.
    Check http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=23440&hilit=SOAP

    I have also done updating customer data from parsing HTML. So, set HTTP header (cookie for username, password), make a HTTP GET, save response in HTML in a file, parse HTML (pure text) and get necessary data.
    Web service costs 2.000 EUR/yr, web access is for free ;)
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    IsakssonMiIsakssonMi Member Posts: 77
    To make this smooth I would recommend WCF (using NetTcpBinding - with callbacks for full duplex which supports cross-machine). If you have .NET knowledge you could make a COM-InterOp DLL hosting a WCF Service and pass calls either by COM-events or/and by methods in your insert-trigger.
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    schoolkidschoolkid Member Posts: 103
    Hi all,

    my requirement is the customer wants to insert the customer details into MSCRM whenever a Customer Record is inserted in NAV 2009.The CRM developer has created a webservice which has a function to fetch the record variables as parameters in the function and then update them in MSCRM.

    now my difficulty is i dont know how to call that webservice

    any help would be great pls.

    thanks in advance
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    HanenHanen Member Posts: 281

    Me tooooo, I have the same problem as well, integration between nav 2009 and MS CRM 4.0 using WCF Technology :oops: ](*,)

    Hanen TALBI
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