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chen_wanchen_wan Member Posts: 34
Dear All,

I tried to integrate Navision with other system by allowing other system export sales order data into Navision database. Do Navision expose any interface that I can call from other application to push the Sales Order data into Navision database.

Without a class or interface exposes by Navision, I have to write a component to push data into Navision database. This will be somewhat dangerous if I missed out any field while updating the data.

Besides the Sales Header and Sales Line tables, what other tables will be involved in creating a new sales order

Thank You


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    Mark_SMark_S Member Posts: 17

    ExpandIT BAS Server is such application for example .. (www.expandit.com)
    You can make orders, save them in a SQL server, and a scheduled proces will import the orders from the SQL tables to the Navision database.

    so you can see if the application is something for you, or write your own component :)
    M Stunnenberg
    GAC Business Solutions B.V.
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Whatever you do Chen, please don't write directly into Navision SQL tables.

    I've done something like that using NAS and MSMQ, where a NAS instance is monitoring the message queue for incoming sales orders in XML documents. That way you can handle all exceptions in Navision code. I based it loosely on the commerce gateway flow, where the XML doc is stored in an 'in between' table and the actual sales order is created off of that table. So if that process fails, the user can review the record in the inbound table and try again manually.

    I don't know about C/FRONT or C/ODBC, but you can use those for writing from outside Navision.
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