NAV crashes when applying entries (FINSQL.EXE 5.01)

leugimleugim Member Posts: 93
hi all, some help is needed

we get an error trying to apply an entry in a general jounal. we are running finsql.exe v.5.01

the scenario is like this:
open Financial Management, General Journals. you must show Applies-to Doc. No. column.
create a new line, set the current date in posting date (from now on, PostingDate1), set Payment in Document type column and select a customer from the list. then push the lookup button in Applies-to Doc. No. column to open Apply Customer Entries form. select one entry with posting date (from now on, PostingDate2) greater than PostingDate1 (the posting date in the journal line). when clicking OK you must get an error like this:

You are not allowed to apply and post an entry to an entry with an earlier posting date.
Instead, post Payment XXX and then apply it to YYY.

until here everything seems to be ok, but when you click OK in the error message, finsql crashes.
your ideas will be very well received.

many regards to you all.
so far, so good


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    leugimleugim Member Posts: 93
    hi all...

    seems to be hard to find one good solution, we are trying the next one from NAV 2009 SP1: we have moved the code in OnCloseForm trigger from form 232 and 233 to the OnQueryCloseForm trigger. apparently this might works fine...

    so far, so good
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