Create a Interaction Log Entry for Posted Invoices

Ranger00Ranger00 Member Posts: 3
Dear All,

could you help me at following problem.

I have posted invoices wihtout Interaction Log Entries. But I need to link Scans with this posted invoices.
The Scans itselves are already in the Table 5065 but I cannot match the Scans with the posted invoices.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards


  • MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    You should check Document type option.
    When a quote or order is posted, then you should go over records in T:5065 and change the type or insert new entry.

    Afterall, when an order is posted, you need history for posted documents, since order does not exist anymore.

    I had same problem with links. They don't "migrate" to posted documents. It is a bug and once it has been resolved with Hotfix. Think so...
  • Ranger00Ranger00 Member Posts: 3
    Hi Malajlo,

    thanks for your help. Now I know why I cannot match the existing Scan with the posted invoice.
    First of all you have to fill some fields (at table 5065) to connect the Scan with the post. Inv.
    - Document Type = Purch. Inv.
    - Document No.
    - Contact No = Vendor No - but before you can choose a Vendor No. you have to fill "Type" to "Vendor". I forgot this field therefor I cannot input a valid Vendor No.

    After this settings it is no problem to link a posted invoice with an existing scan.

    Best Regards
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