Navision dev Tool License

emkproemkpro Member Posts: 47
Hi everyone,

I am a newbee in Navision and newly discovered the existence of Develeopers Toolkit by Mibuso
But when I installed it, and tried opening a database it gives an error that I don't have the rights to use it.

I scanned my license file and find those;

99,000,751 Manufacturing (99.000.750 - 99.001.049) NSC 1
99,003,620 Developers Toolkit - Source Analyzer 1
99,003,700 OnTarget Modeler 1
99,003,710 OnTarget - Business Modeling 1
99,003,802 W1 Manufacturing Execute (99,003,800-99,003,8 1
99,004,602 Financial Analyst Object(99,004,600-99,004,69 1
99,010,103 Pipeline Management Tool 1
99,010,104 Pipeline Management Tool Attain 1

I do you think I my license is enough to use it ???


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