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Hi Guys,

I have Navision 2009 with SP1 installed. I am able to access the Nav Server using RTC. Now I want to make a step forward in navision development.

As I am new to Navision, could you please any one guide me how to develop simple applications using .net?

a) Does Navision have any DLLs like MSCRM for development?

b) Does Navision supports development Webservices?

c) How can we read / create a customer programmatically in Navision?

Thank you very much in Advance.

Thanks and Regards



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    1) I recommend to read some documentation about "What's new in NAV 2009" or e.g. official NAV blog.
    2) NAV 2009 support WebServices in a easy way... (there are examples on the blogs and on MSDN documentation)
    3) I am sure that after reading the articles you will try to create the example yourself... ;-)
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