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Anyone got any good NAV addons for Mobile ?

We are looking at quite a customized system, and looking for a mobile solution that would work without too much extra development on NAV 2009 SP1.

Does anyone have a solution that is wrapped as a web based solution (WAP) etc, i.e. does not tie you down to Windows Mobile Devices ?



  • einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET Member Posts: 1,050
    I also searched for a solution especially because ADCS will run out of support in August 2010, I think. But I didn't found a proper one.
    btw, I wouldn't go for a WAP solution. I think that's not a future technology.
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  • SteveKnottSteveKnott Member Posts: 44


    I am thinking of just developing something myself... may be simpler... using ASP.NET MVC and mobile views, most mobile browsers support HTML these days... just to deal with transactions now I suppose , I will have to use NAS etc to process requests...

    Any nice other solutions ?

  • Peter_ListPeter_List Member Posts: 21
    Hi Steve,

    If you're looking for a mobile solution for the warehouse then we have a good replacement for the ADCS solution.
    It's called Mobile WMS and it integrates directly with the warehouse module in Dynamics NAV.

    On our website you can find a short video presentation of the product.
    If you are interested in a live demo feel free to contact me.
    Peter List
    Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Consultant
  • LagemaatLagemaat Member Posts: 1
    You should look at NAV Anywhere. More info on
  • dana1ldana1l Member Posts: 1
    You definitely need NAVmobile - It is a fully customizable front-end for warehouse, pre-sales and sales activities!
  • casanovacasanova Member Posts: 194
    for NAV 2013.
    how to create nav mobile application?
    i cant find any mobile project using visual studio 2010?
    is it support?
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