NAV 4.0 SP3 Installation Error in Windows 2008 R2 Server

sureshpsureshp Member Posts: 17

My one of our customer is facing this issue while installing Nav 4.0 in Windows 2008 R2 server.

The error details are attahced herewith.

Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue.

Also let me know is NAV 4.0 SP3 verision will work on Windows 2008 R2 server or not. If it will work what is the pre-requisite.

Awaiting reply.

Thanks & Regards,
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    rdebathrdebath Member Posts: 383
    Navision 4 SP3 Update 6 (Build 25143) will work on Vista and Windows server 2008.

    Microsoft confused the issue by replacing their download of V4 SP3 by the Update 6 version when it came out so you may have the right version; or not.

    Beware: Update 6 turns on index hinting by default and is the first version with the 'wipe the database dataport update'
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    sureshpsureshp Member Posts: 17
    Hi rdebath,

    Thanks for your reply.

    As I am not technical guy, please explain me in details how to resolve this error and install the NAV 4.0 SP3.

    Awaiting your reply.

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    rdebathrdebath Member Posts: 383
    Ahhh, probably not a good idea for someone who's "not technical guy". IF the SP3 version you're using is the non-Vista variation switching to the Vista variation is what's called a technical upgrade. You will probably have to upgrade the version of Navision on every client machine plus any application servers and CFRONT applications.

    You haven't said why you want to install Navision on the server; you don't need to install it if you're not running the client on that machine (eg if it's a terminal server) as the only thing that MUST be on the server is MS-SQL. Everything else can be done from a client on any machine.

    If you're also having problems with Vista and Se7en clients and you're still not involving someone "technical" you might try Windows 7's "XP mode".
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