MRP consider item subsitution

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In electronics industry which one BOM component has many item substitution setup in item card. Now there have a requirement on MRP calculation to consider the inventory of subsititution. For example if SO = 100 then explose the BOM structure has a component with inventory = 20 (no outstanding PO). Normally system suggest to order 80 of this component.

And this component setup 2 subsitution items - A1 and A2 with inventory 50 and 60 then we need to change the MRP logic consider sum of A1 and A2 inventory according to the line sequence in item subsitituion. Therefore now have enough inventory (20 + 50 + 60 = 130) to fullfill the SO demand.

Have anyone this experience or direction to modify?


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    j.marseloj.marselo Member Posts: 102
    you can use multiple bom structure or combine a assembly bom to that component.
    So that when MPR engine is ran, system will evaluate to the lowest structure, which you have already define.
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    byebyebyebye Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for your suggestion!

    As In Engineering view the substitution is the same level as main component so that item substitution function is appropriate for their use and which cannot use multiple BOM level to handle.
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