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wesleyswesleys Member Posts: 30
I have a text box in a field that I want to use as a trigger to finding a particular record in the table linked to my form. I am using the OnAfterInput trigger of the text box for my code. I've tried using a GET, and a SETFILTER/FIND, but no matter what I try, the form/table thinks that I want to modify the current record. Hitting pg up or pg down after my code runs, lets me know that the table can not be modified from this form (This is because modifyAllowed is "No", just how I want it, alternately I'm told that I can not rename the record in question).

By the way CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE) cannot be done from the trigger I am using. I am more than willing to use one of the other triggers for the checkbox as long as it fires off after I type in a string and hit "Enter" (much like scanning a barcode would do).

I feel like I'm going about this the hard way. Is there some simple means of telling the current form to go find the record you want?


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    1] In the text box use some variable, not field from record.
    2] If you want to search after hitting enter (or tab) use OnAfterValidate or OnValidate trigger on the editbox. There you can use CurrForm.Update(false).
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    wesleyswesleys Member Posts: 30
    That trigger is working much better. Thank you Kine
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