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I have created a wizard in the Classic-client, and I am testing the transformation to a page. I now have a weird problem: there is a textbox where the SourceExpr-property is a global variable ResourceCode; the TableRelation is filled with Resource."No."; in the Classic client, when selecting a Resource-record, I see the variable being filled with the field "No." of the Resource; after that, I do a GET on the Resource-record. This works fine in the Classic-client, but in the RoleTailoredClient I am getting an error that the Resource with "No." = '' does not exist. It looks like RTC is not filling the variable with the field "No.".
When I modify the SourceExpr-property into Resource."No.", then it works fine.

Anybody knows why?

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    DuikmeesterDuikmeester Member Posts: 304
    Heb je bij de declaratie van de Global de eigenschap IncludeInDataset op Yes gezet?
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    tmajvdlaantmajvdlaan Member Posts: 7
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    Kriki, you are right!

    Duikmeester asked me: Did you set the property IncludeInDataset of the Global variable to Yes?

    My answer was: That is only possible for variables of type Boolean and Integer, I just read in the documentation ... ;-)
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