How to Create Grouping report in Temporary Table

RudyHeartiesRudyHearties Member Posts: 2
Hi all,
i have data Temporary Table like this:
Category SubCategory Brand Qty
Category1 Sub1 brand1 1
Category1 Sub1 brand2 1
Category2 Subx Brand3 4
Category2 Suby Brandy 5

and i want create report like this :
Category : Category1
SubCategory : Sub1
brand1 1
brand2 1
Total SubCategory Sub1 2
Total Category category1 2
Category : Category2
SubCategory : Subx
Brand3 4
Total SubCategory Subx 4
SubCategory : Suby
Brandy 5
Total SubCategory SubY 5
Total Category Category2 9
GrandTotal 11

how to make create this report using temporary table, i have index (Category,SubCategory)



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