vendor Ranking report on Lead time & Cost

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Hi Experts,

I am stuck with a sorting problem.I did found some earlier post in MIBUSO about sorting but I couldnt get any further.

I want to create a report based on sorting.There will be two inputs form user(Less cost & Less lead time).Based on the priority I want to get a report of the vendors who offer less cost & less lead time.

Please help me to achive this one.Thanks



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    You need to set correct key on the table from which you are displaying the data... where is the problem?
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    Hi Kine,

    Thanks for the reply.Actually the following functionality will run from the manufacturing(Plannig from Firm order production).

    As of now I have got all the Vendors from the Purchase orders for all the items.Before displayiong the records from the temp table to the user,I did set the Setcurrentkey to Lead time.But when the records are displayed they are not in the sorting oreder of Lead time.Please help me.

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