Inter Company transfers

navgbanavgba Member Posts: 48
I am not quite well familiar with the inter company transfer process, how it should work. Can anyone explain?

What i understand is:
1. PO created at the purchasing location, PO is released
2. PO sent to IC supplier location (Inter Company) through IC outbox, received at IC inbox & accepted.
3. Once accepted, the PO is received at the purchasing location.
4. Transfer order is created and shipped from the recpt location(PO inbox) to actual location.
5. On actual receipt, the transfer order is received (or warehouse recpt is created if require receipt is checked on)

I do not understand when should the stock go into In-Transit location??

I wud be highly obliged if someone can explain the entire process here.

Thanks in advance

Thnks n Rgds,


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    ndnndn Member Posts: 19

    There are no Transfer orders involved in the intercompany PO/SO.

    Just that the Shipments are made in teh independent ccompanies and then the receipts are made in a concerned company.

    Transfer orders are only used within the same company for moving goods from one inventory location to another.
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