RTC to connect remote server

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Installed RTC in a local machine. Navision database server is in different network in a remote location.
We need to establish connection for the RTC with the remote server. We have
enabled VPN connectivity. Local domain and remote domain are two different domains.
How can a local user access get access to the remote server? Is it possible through VPN?
Or is it possible through Remote Desktop Services only?



  • PoltergeistPoltergeist Member Posts: 200
    This will not work as you want it: De NAV Server uses authentication pass-through to authenticate the RTC user: The RTC user is thus authenticated on the SQL Server. As an RTC user is a windows user, the SQL Server (which is on REMOTEDOMAIN) is trying to authenticate LOCALDOMAIN/username against REMOTEDOMAIN. I can only think of trust relationships between the two domains to get it to work. It should be sufficient to have the REMOTEDOMAIN trust the LOCALDOMAIN. However, for this to work, the two domains need to be connected. This can be done with a Site-to-Site VPN. As you are not saying what kind of VPN you're using (site-to-site, or client-server) I don't know if this solution is suitable for you...

    Or you could indeed use Remote Desktop services...
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