Problems hiding a FastTab

AlishaAlisha Member Posts: 217
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I've created a new fasttab on the Contact Page, and put code to show/hide depending on the type of contact, but it does not work very well. The fields on this fasttab are not divided into columns, but showed as 1 column, which looks really bad, and also when the page is opened, the scroll bar does not show on the right, you need to open/close other fasttabs for it to appear.

Anyone has a solution for this problem? Shall i report it to Microsoft...?



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    nikolaknikolak Member Posts: 20
    I haven't seen anyone else trying something similar or reporting issues. Very interesting :)

    To test the if the issue is because of code that you have written for modifying visibility, try removing the code and running the page to display it always.

    If the fast tab is rendering properly then the code that you have written is causing problems, and you can log a bug with MS and they will look into the issue. Otherwise some other parameters are missing.
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