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Trying to get our Document Handling settings to work correctly. In our production we have UNC location for our Doc Handling folder. When our users try to attach something to a PO they are able to attach the file as well as see the file attached in AX but when we go into the the doc handling folder we do not see the attachment. I went into change the set file types in Basic>Setup>Document Management>Document Types. In the Document types we set the file location to Original Location. When we tested that setting we were able to see the files created by doc handling in that particular users Temp folder on the local pc.

What could we be doing incorrectly in using a network drive for the doc handling folder. We have gone as far as created a shared drive in a different location and pointed the doc handling settings to that particular shared Doc Handling folder with hopefully the correct permissions, but maybe that is the problem the permissions not being correct.. Anything we could be missing? Also when the user tries to put a note on the PO is does attached to it but after the user prints it, we receive the following error: "File " is missing. Purchase Order: P000249". Any suggestions?




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    I propose, you should set the correct permissions on your folder (AOS login )
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