A report to show credit invoices vs reversed (canceled) ones

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Hi there. Here is my problem.

1-credit invoices issued to client

I generate invoices (debits and sometimes credits) to bill our customers
in eSM and post them in GP/Dynamics.

When the customer "take the credit", on a payment check they will list the debit
and the credit invoices paid on that cash receipt. When I enter the payment in GP,
I start with the credit invoices and I apply them to the debit invoices on
that receipt.

2-Sometimes, after generating a live invoice, I have to reverse/cancel it
(a mistake in amount, we decided not bill at that time etc; that invoice will
not be sent to client). Because the original invoice (can be a credit or
a debit invoice) was lived and posted in eSM (Paradigm software) and GP,
I have to issue and opposite sign invoice and after posting in GP,
in order to purge them from the AR, I have to use Apply Sales Document
and offset the initial and the reversal invoice.

My problem is, if it is possible to get a report (preferably in
Smartlist, because only the Administrator has access to the Reports Module)
to distinguish between invoices reversed/canceled and credit invoices
that were included on a client payment.

I hope it makes sense what I am trying to explain here.
I looked to various screen transactions and the only difference that
I see between a credit invoice which reverses a debit inv vs. a credit
inv. on a client payment is that:

a-the first check, no difference; in both cases it will show in Applied
To Debit screen the invoice to which was applied
b-the 2nd check, it will show in Applied From Credits screen the invoice
to which the credit was applied and also a payment line (PYMNT000000977),
Type PMT. How in the world can I use these parameters to get a report.

Thank you so much.
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