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Over the years, (when I am subscribed to a thread) every now and then I get a link to www.mibuso.org instead of the usual www.mibuso.com, I guess it's because the originating post in the thread was made at www.mibuso.org. Any way nothing peculiar.

But today I got this link:

http://www.mymibuso.org/forum/viewtopic ... 5&e=199375

I remember mynavision.com but never seen mymibuso.org before?
David Singleton


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    I never noticed... may be this is why the autologin doesn't work for me and I need to login again and again... I suspect that there is sometime mismatch between URL and some URL in cookies...

    I never looked into the URL line when opening the posts... 8)
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    Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    I believe that cookies are stored per domain. So www.mibuso.com/forum, www.mibuso.net/forum and www.mymibuso.org/forum all uses different cookies. Don't know if this can be made transparant though.
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    David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Member Posts: 5,479
    It doesn't really matter actually. I was just curious as to why sometimes I get notifications to the other two urls.

    All three work.
    David Singleton
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