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B3nzB3nz Member Posts: 37
Hi all,

i'm having trouble in NAV 5 sp1. i've already post the transfer order both shipment and receipt. but now the system doesn't create a perfect/complete item ledger entry. NAV only create 2 lines of item ledger entry(see attachment), where i believe for normal transfer order transaction, NAV will create 4 lines of item ledger entry (2 for shipment location - in transit and 2 for in transit - receipt location).

now the main problem is that it doesn't happen everytime. most of transfer order going normally, and i also can't seems to replicate the problem ](*,)

anyone ever have the same problem? please share your advice



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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Which NAV version? Which Client Version?
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    B3nzB3nz Member Posts: 37
    Hi Kine,

    Never mind that, i already found out that there's some modification that cause the issue

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    manjusreemanjusree Member Posts: 79
    I am getting exactly the same error in NAV 2009. I checked for any modification or something by debugging. But I could not find anything that stops the transaction in between. Please help me out...

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    lzrlzr Member Posts: 264
    I have the same problem in NAV 2009 SP1. Has anyone found a solution?
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    lzrlzr Member Posts: 264
    This was my problem:

    If I had an item reserved against inventory and my stock was at 1, the stock was of course already taken. So when creating a transfer order for 1 I got the above result.
    My solution was to increase inventory with -(Item.Inventory-Item."Reserved Qty. on Inventory"-QtyToShip) and then decrease it again after the transfer

    Item.GET(TransShptLine2."Item No.");
    Item.SETRANGE("Location Filter", TransShptLine2."Transfer-from Code");
    Item.CALCFIELDS(Inventory, "Reserved Qty. on Inventory");
    AdjustedQuantity := Item.Inventory-Item."Reserved Qty. on Inventory"-QtyToShip;
    IF AdjustedQuantity >= 0 THEN
    IF QtyToShip <= 0 THEN
    AdjustedQuantity := -AdjustedQuantity;
    //Post positive adjustment to handle negative inventory
    ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE("Entry Type",ItemJnlLine."Entry Type"::"Positive Adjmt.");
    ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE("Posting Date", TransHeader."Posting Date");
    ItemJnlLine."Source No." := TransHeader."Sell-to Customer No.";
    ItemJnlLine."Source Type" := ItemJnlLine."Source Type"::Item;
    ItemJnlLine."Document No." := TransShptLine2."Document No.";
    ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE("Item No.",TransShptLine2."Item No.");
    ItemJnlLine.Description := 'Temporary Inventory Increase';
    ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE(Quantity, AdjustedQuantity);
    ItemJnlLine."Location Code" := TransShptLine2."Transfer-from Code";
    ItemJnlLine."Bin Code" := TransShptLine2."Transfer-from Bin Code";
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