Invoice No. gone after few days

euekimeuekim Member Posts: 21
Hi GM's

I have a problem in JPL window,

when i create service report, then append to invoice number it works ok i saw the invoice number,

But after a few days invoice reference number is not shown in Invoice No. Column JPL window.

Is there any date fields or settings that i need to change??

Please advice

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  • rmpatel22rmpatel22 Member Posts: 80
    You can do setup in "Change Log" for this table and required field for modification. After that from Log you can track easily that when it was changed and by which user (or process/report)
    Rakesh Patel
    Navision Developer
  • euekimeuekim Member Posts: 21
    thanks for the response.

    is there any relations with the transfer date?? becoz all the missing invoice have no transfer date..

    please advise.

    Thinking, programming, coding, developing == Music!
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