Web Service - using a flowfilter

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Hi all - I am wanting to use web services to retrieve a list of items where inventory <> 0 for a specified location.

In NAV you would use the Location Filter flowfilter and also filter on Inventory <> 0.

However I have realised by searching these forums that you cannot use flowfilters with web services. So my next thought was to use an extension codeunit - however I think I'm correct in saying the functions you create can only be passed one single record at a time? i.e I cannot create a function with var Item, Type Record, Subtype Item - place the filters in the function in NAV and return the record set to the calling web service - is that right?

Has anyone any ideas how I can achieve this? If anyone was able to point me in the direction of how to pass xml data of this item list across web services that would be greatly appreciated or I am open to alternative suggestions.

Many thanks.



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