HYPERLINK allowed link to directory in 370 but not 400

cbuethecbuethe Member Posts: 3
In a recent executable upgrade from 370 to 400 we found that all functions but the HYPERLINK seems to work the same. The database has a simple command of


This did not return an error in 370 but returns an error in 400 of

C/SIDE hyperlinking failed.
You tried to hyperlink to this target:
Do you want to place that hyperlink target on the clipboard?

I located reference to the fin.stx file, which controls the available extensions for HYPERLINK, but saw no reference to folder or how to add anything to access just a folder.

When you go to Windows Explorer and type in c:\ as a link it opens Windows Explorer and this is what is desired.

Any ideas?


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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,090
    You can try this:
    SHELL(ENVIRON('windir') + '\explorer.exe','c:\');
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    sunnyksunnyk Member Posts: 276
    What if the file is keep in some Server instead of local C drive. for E.g. \\Server1\HiddenFolder\Folder1
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