Report running on Nav classic but not RTC

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hi guys,

i have a processing only report on nav classic which exports data into a txt file. The report works fine on classic mode.

in rtc , it gives me an error message "Cannot write into string", when run.

the same report if run on the server works fine... but on another pc, gets the error message "Cannot write into string".

any idea??

i am using the functions Txtfile.OPEN, Txtfile.WRITE and Txtfile.CLOSE. Does this have anything to do??


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    Do not forget that you are working with the file on the server where the NST is installed, not on the client, when calling the code from within RTC! :whistle:
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  • iqbalmadiqbalmad Member Posts: 179
    so, what shud i do??
  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,597
    Search C/SIDE help for "DOWNLOAD".
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