Web Service Update does not excute OnValidate or OnInsert

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I am having an issue where I have an .asp webpage which creates a entrie in the my Lead table but the OnValidate code agaist each Field or the OnInsert code agasint the Lead Table does not seem to be executed. I can see this as OnInsert creates a Contact entrie in the contact table and OnValidate updates the Contract info with the new Lead info. None of this happens when the Web Service Create or Update method are called.

This is done using a Page based on the Lead Table via the Web Sevice.

Firstly should the OnValidate and OnInsert be called by the web Service?
If not how do you tell NAV to run the OnValidate or OnInsert code as without this ability i cannot see any use for Insert or Create methods if you are unable to run the underlying buiness logic?

My only other option is to Pass all the values using a Code Unit which is far from ideal.
Hope someone has a answer for this as i hope it is simply im doing something wrong!

Thank You
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