Reference to NAV WS from Visual Studio 2008

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This is slightly off topic, but I'm interested in this from the NAV point of view.

To add a reference to a NAV WS, acorrding to MSDN walkthrough this steps have to be taken:
1: Click Add Service Reference
2: In Visual Studio 2008, click the Advanced button, click the Add Web Reference button, type the URL, and then click Go.

This works as desired, no problem so far. The questions now:

1: Whats the difference if instead of clicking the Advanced button the URL is typed in the first window?
2: After a first Web Service is referenced, the context menu in the object explorer shows Add Web Service. Is the result the same as in the walkthrough.

I'm not a Visual Studio crack, but rather than memorizing the steps I try to understand what happens behind the scenes. [-o<
Thank you very much for your information on this.

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