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hey every one;

i make deal with vendor when i late on date of settlement (due date) i will paid an extra fees (late payment fee)

i setup payment fee
AP --> setup --> payment --> payment fee

and I make a methods of payment named (Test_late) and assigned to Payment fee setup named ( Demurrage ) and give it the value


And I make an invoice in date 05/01/2010 –due date 12/01/2010 and post the invoice


When I made a settlement in date 20/01/2010 payment fee should be calculate the Demurrage (late payment )-- But doesn't calculated automatically


what is the missing steps to calculated automatically ?? and added to vendor payments


  • BAL_AXBAL_AX Member Posts: 12
    Check you currency, date interval and other important thing in fee setup. They must be the same in general journal lines. It works in my database :). Fee are calc. when you made settlement with invoice.

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